Kevin Conner turns 90

Kevin Conner turned 90 today. His family planned a birthday party for him with about 55 people which went really well. In amongst the food and lively conversations, there was Salvation Army band music playing in the background and speeches from people from various parts of Kevin’s life, including Rene Conner (his wife), Josiah Conner (one of his grandchildren), George Forbes (a friend from the early days), Philip Baird (a neighbour from his days living in Blackburn South) and Hal Oxley (one of his first bosses and a friend in ministry and now 100 years of age). It was a good time overall.

Happy birthday, Kevin!


  1. Happy birthday Kevin, we thank God for your life. You are a true gift to the body of Christ. I pray for more years , long life and more grace to continually feed the body of Christ. As your days are so shall your strength be. There are more mountains to conquer even at 90 and we are very hungry to receive all that the Lord has placed you.
    Happy birthday.

    Alex Agyemang

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