The Covenants

One of Kevin Conner’s master keys to understanding the Bible was his extensive study of the ‘covenants’.

Why did God create humans? What was His purpose for mankind? How is God redeeming humanity? These crucial questions are best answered through a study of the divine covenants. Perhaps better than any other subject, the covenants give us a biblical framework for our understanding of the administration of God’s dealings with mankind throughout all of human history. The covenants provide a necessary backdrop for the study of any other Bible subject. There are so many questions and controversies that can be solved with an understanding of the covenants that any student of the Word should place this subject as top priority on his or her Bible study list.

This textbook, co-written with Ken Malmin, provides an invaluable resource and study guide for both student and minister to use in studying the covenants. After a very important introductory chapter it is comprised of a systematic presentation of the nine divine covenants found in Scripture. Those who take the time to carefully study this book will be well on their way to discovering the secrets of truth hidden in “The Covenants”.

You can purchase this important textbook in Australia from WORD (currently only $4.99, significantly reduced from RRP of $22.99 AUS), from City Christian Publishing in the USA (currently $7.50, down from RRP of $14.99 USD), or internationally from Amazon, including a NEW Kindle eBook edition.

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