The New Birth and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Much discussion and confusion have occurred over the years in Christian circles around the difference between being ‘born again’ and being ‘baptised in the Holy Spirit’. Kevin Conner has studied the Scriptures diligently to seek to find clarity on these importance matters of Christian theology and experience.

Now for the first time, you can hear two messages recently released on his podcast on this important topic. These were given back in 1984 in Melbourne, Australia. Visit his podcast site (or search for ‘Kevin Conner Teaches’ on Spotify or Apple Podcasts) to listen to these audio messages:

  • ‘The New Birth Distinguished from the Baptism in the Holy Spirit’.
  • ‘The Baptism of the Holy Spirit’.

These messages are a perfect addition to Kevin’s book on this topic – Understanding and Distinguishing the New Birth and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Many believers have honest questions when it comes to understanding the distinction between being ‘born of the Spirit’ and ‘baptised in the Spirit’. In this book, Kevin Conner has endeavoured to present a clear and balanced ‘case study’ of each of the accounts in the Book of Acts, showing the difference and distinction between the two major operations of one and the same Holy Spirit. It is sent forth with the desire that it will be of great help to both groups of God’s people and that all may know of the glorious work of the Spirit that is, being born of the Spirit and baptised in the Spirit.

This book is available from WORD Australia and from Amazon in paperback and eBook formats, as well as an immediate PDF download from the shop.

May you experience a greater degree of the presence and activity of the Holy Spirit in your life and ministry today.

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