Old Testament Survey

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This text by Kevin Conner and Ken Malmin gives a patterned glimpse of each book in the Old Testament along with additional helps in relating each book to the others. Its fresh outlined approach makes it easy to use by student and non-student alike.

There is a rapidly growing interest among God’s people to know and understand His Word. More and more Christians are getting involved in Bible Study and are finding it to be a source of life and strength. However, they are also encountering some difficulties as they begin to realise that the Bible is like a vast forest with diversity as well as unity and complexity as well as simplicity. All too many Bible students seem to get lost in the trees, lose their perspective and begin to wander aimlessly through Scripture not being able to integrate its truth. Many try to centre all of truth around the fragment they have discovered and move toward heresy, while even more become disillusioned or overwhelmed and quit searching.
Those who know the forest will understand that the best way to be able to move through its sections is to study an overview of the whole of Scripture. It is with this need in mind that this text and its companion, New Testament Survey, have been produced.
It is of utmost importance that the Bible student obtain a good grasp of the Bible as a whole. However, in order to do so he must first gain an understanding of each book that makes up the Book. This text has been designed to be help in this process of understanding the parts and relating them to the whole.
The format of this book is quite simple. It is designed to give a patterned glimpse of each book of the Old Testament. This has been done by applying these ten points to each book: (1) Titles, (2) Author, (3) Date, (4) Key Words and Phrases, (5) Key Verses, (6) Purpose, (7) Message, (8) Outline, (9) Summary, and (10) Christ Seen.
58 pages – A4 size.
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