Books by Mark Conner

Kevin Conner’s son, Mark Conner, has been involved in church leadership for over three decades. He is a gifted leader, speaker, and author who brings a wealth of wisdom and life experience to whatever he engages in.

In February 2017, Mark transitioned out of the role of Senior Minister at CityLife Church in Melbourne, Australia where he was on staff for 32 years, 10 of those years working for his father, Kevin. Mark is now giving himself to training, writing, and coaching others toward greater fruitfulness.

Mark has a genuine love for people and a passion to help them grow and change. He has a Diploma of Business Management from STOTTS College, a Master of Arts degree in Theology from Ridley College, a Doctor of Ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary, a Diploma of Professional Coaching, and a Certificate of Pastoral Supervision from the University of Divinity in Melbourne, Australia.

Mark is married to Nicole and they have three adult children. They live in Melbourne, Australia.

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