Interpreting the Bible (Key of Knowledge Seminar – Part 2)

This online video course is Part 2 of Kevin Conner’s popular “Key of Knowledge” seminar which has equipped hundreds of people in how to study, interpret, and apply the Bible for themselves. In this course, you will learn principles for properly interpreting and applying the Bible for yourself.

This course on Interpreting the Bible can be taken by itself but it does build on the foundations laid in Part 1 – Methods and Principles of Bible Research.

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Many Christians today listen to sermons from various preachers but don’t know how to study the Bible for themselves. Numerous students graduate from various theological colleges today but many fail to have the necessary “keys” and “how to’s” for their own personal Bible study. The course is designed in such a way that a diligent student may set their own pace as they work through the text assignments.

This course includes over 7 hours of video teaching, two downloadable textbooks (over 250 pages in total), downloadable handout notes, and a step-by-step, online study guide.

Course Instructor

Kevin John Conner (1927-2019) is recognized internationally as a teaching-apostle after many years in both church and Bible College ministry. He has written many textbooks used by ministers and students throughout the world. He has been in great demand as a teacher and travelled extensively during his lifetime from his home in Melbourne, Australia. [Read more About Kevin]


Every sincere Bible scholar realizes that it is absolutely essential to have biblical keys and principles which will unlock the Scripture in order to bring forth the wisdom and knowledge that God has placed within the pages of his Word. I am grateful for such a course as this that clearly lays out methods of study and keys of interpreting the Scriptures. I believe that those who are interested in knowing the secrets of God which are locked up in his Word will greatly benefit from it. We are indebted to Kevin Conner for the countless hours spent in preparing this course for all those who hunger and thirst after an opened understanding of the Sacred Word, the Holy Bible.” Rev. K.R. (Dick) Iverson. Founding Pastor of City Bible Church (formerly Bible Temple) and President of Portland Bible College

“I find Kevin Conner insightful …” Bishop T.D. Jakes

“Kevin Conner’s book ‘The Foundation of Christian Doctrine’ is a landmark work, benefitting us all with a solid view of the theology of renewal as it unites with the historic truths of God’s Word always embraced by the living church.” Jack Hayford

About the Key of Knowledge Seminar

Jesus charged the Scribes of his day that they had “taken away the key of knowledge” (Luke 11:52).

The Scribes were the official interpreters of the sacred Scriptures in the time of Christ but they had robbed the people of the key of knowledge, that key which would open the door to the truths of God’s kingdom. They themselves entered not into the Kingdom and they hindered and forbade those who wanted to enter in.

Today there is a similar scene. The people of God are often robbed of the key of knowledge. Great responsibility rests on ministers of the Gospel. It is their responsibility to use the “key of knowledge” and open the door into the truths of God, and, not only enter in themselves but allow their congregations to enter in also.

There are many good and great Bible Colleges and Theological Seminaries in the USA, the United Kingdom and Australasia where those who sense the call of God on their lives may attend and from which they can graduate. Curriculums generally cover major subjects such as Theology, Ecclesiology, Church History, Pneumatology, Missions and Eschatology. Most major on Bible, covering the Pentateuch, Historical Books, Major and Minor Prophets, Poetical Books as well as the Synoptic Gospels, Acts, Johnannine, Pauline and the Hebrew Writings.

However, after many years of involvement in Bible Colleges, both in Australasia and America (i.e., Portland Bible College), there appears to be two particular subjects which need to be taught, or if taught, need to be more fully expanded. These subjects are:

  • Principles of Biblical Research, and
  • Principles of Interpreting the Scriptures, or Hermeneutics.

The word “key” simply means “an opener’’. It is an instrument that serves to lock or unlock doors. It opens or closes doors. Naturally speaking, each key has a specific design and purpose. One must have the right key in the right door or else things remain closed off. One cannot force a wrong key to open a lock. There may be nothing wrong with the key itself. It may simply be a right key in a wrong lock or a wrong key in the right door. Both keys and locks must match in order to open things closed or sealed.

So it is with the Word of God. There are specific “keys’’ of Biblical Interpretation and biblical Research which work together and unlock the doors of Scripture revelation and illumination, letting the believer enter into vast realms of truth in the Word of God, the Holy Bible.

“The Key of Knowledge” Seminar helps to provide these keys to earnest Bible students. It is not only the joy of discovering the keys but the joy of using the keys of discovery of Divine truth within the sacred pages of the Scriptures that brings spiritual enlargement and fulfilment to the hungry searcher.

May this course be challenging, liberating and enriching to all who desire to excel in the communication of the Divine Word.

Kevin J. Conner

NOTE: This course was professionally video-taped in 1991, so the technology reflects that era but the quality of the teaching is excellent.

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