Here is a list of frequently asked questions that may be of help to you. Click on the question you are interested in in order to reveal the answer.

1. “Where are the books I ordered?”

We do NOT sell physical paperback or hardback books from this website. They can be purchased directly from WORD Books in Australia or Amazon around the world. We ONLY sell PDF (Portable Digital Format) books that can be downloaded directly from this website and then read on a computer or portable device. This is explained fully on the SHOP main page.

IF you accidentally ordered PDF books and you intended on purchasing physical books, please contact us immediately on We can arrange a full refund for your order and send you links to where you can buy the physical books, depending on your location.

2. “How do I download the PDF book I just purchased?”

Once you have paid for your PDF book(s), you will receive an email with the download link(s). If you don’t receive an email, please check your email Junk folder as some email applications consider email from unknown sources as spam. If for some reason you receive no email at all, please contact us immediately on:

3. “I received an error message saying I have reached my download limit.”

There is a limit of three downloads per book ordered. After this, you will need to contact us to regenerate your download permissions. Please ensure you have a decent internet connection, especially for larger books, then save your PDF file to the hard drive of your local computer or device for future access.

4. “How long will my download take?”

It depends on your internet connection speed. We suggest you ensure you are connected to a stable internet connection via a computer. We don’t suggest downloading directly to your device unless you are sure it has the speed and capacity to handle the download. Many of Kevin Conner’s books are quite large (300+ pages) and will take a little longer to download.

5. “What do I do when my download is complete?”

Save your PDF book file to the hard drive of your local computer or device so you have ongoing access to the book. The book can then be read on any PDF reader or imported to eBook readers such as Kindle or Apple Books.

6. “How do I read my PDF book?”

Your PDF book can be read on any PDF reader (including Adobe, Preview, etc) or imported to eBook readers such as Kindle or Apple Books. Some of these applications enable underlining and highlighting.

7. “How do I access the course I just paid for?”

Go to the Courses page and select the course you are enrolled in. Select ‘Enrol’ under the payment section then navigate to where it says ‘Already have an account? Click here to login’. Click on the hyperlink ‘click here to login’ then enter the username you created along with your password. You can then begin the course. All courses have lifetime access. If you have any difficulties logging on or want to change your password, please contact us via email:

Please note that for security reasons, the online course software requires a strong password with at least 8 characters. To make it stronger, use both upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols.

8. “Why are text-to-speech and enhanced typesetting not enabled in my Kindle book?”

The majority of Kevin Conner’s books available from Amazon for Kindle are in ‘print replica’ format. This format helps best maintain the author’s frequent use of diagrams, charts, and roman numeral outlining. However, font type and size cannot be edited.

9. “Are the handout notes available for Kevin’s podcast teachings?”

Unfortunately, these are not available. However, most of Kevin’s audio messages and teaching series have accompanying or related books that he has written which contain much of the material he speaks about.

For any other questions, please send an email to: We do our best to answer all inquiries with 24-48 hours.