‘Welcome to the End’ Seminar

In this 5 part video seminar, Dr. Kevin J. Conner teaches about the ‘end times’. This seminar was presented by Bold Leaders International in February 2002. It was held at The Salvation Army Temple in Melbourne.

These videos are FREE to watch.

For further study on the end times, see Kevin Conner’s books on this topic.

We hope you have enjoyed this teaching seminar on the ‘end times’.

SEE ALSO: An extensive video training course by Kevin Conner presenting in-depth teaching on “The Foundations of Christian Doctrine”. The course includes a downloadable copy of the best-selling book by the same title and a self-study guide.

2 thoughts on “‘Welcome to the End’ Seminar”

  1. Is there a downloadable copy of the chart referred to in the Lord sessions? I do have several of Dr. Conner’s books. Is it the same chart that is in any of this other books, like Daniel 70 Weeks or Revelation? This study is helping me immensely. Thank you.

    1. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to acquire the notes from this particular video seminar. However, there is sure to be a similar chart in one of Kevin’s books on the end times. Glad you are enjoying the teaching.

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