Vision of an Antioch Church

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An extensive study of the church at Antioch and its relevant for the contemporary church.

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A word of the Lord to Kevin Conner caused him to do some serious study of the whole matter of Jerusalem and Antioch, as found in the Book of Acts. This booklet explains more fully this word as the Lord unfolded this vision. Through various visiting ministries, over several following years, God clearly confirmed the call on the Church to be ‘as the Church at Antioch’. Because truth is truth in every generation, what was truth then is truth now. General truth applicable to the Church at Antioch is truth that may be applied to any Church that is called to be ‘an Antioch Church’. Even though the things written here were quickened by the Spirit to the writer and then applied to his home Church, the writer believes that the principles here will be helpful to any local Church.

A5 size – 65 pages

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