About Me

Born in Melbourne, Australia in 1927 and converted to his Christian faith at the age of 14, Kevin Conner served in the Salvation Army until the age of 21. At this time he entered into pastoral ministry for a number of years.

Since then he has been involved in teaching ministry in Australia, New Zealand and for many years at Bible Temple (now City Bible Church) in Portland, USA. After serving as Senior Minister of CityLife Church (formerly Waverley Christian Fellowship), he turned his responsibilities over to his son, Mark Conner, in 1995.

Kevin is recognized internationally as a teaching-apostle after many years of church and Bible College ministry. He has written many textbooks used by ministers and students throughout the world. He has been in great demand as a teacher and has travelled extensively. He is now 90 years of age and lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife Rene.