The Challenge to Study

“I adore the plenitude of the Scriptures, in which
every letter is a word,
and every word is a verse,
and every verse is a chapter,
and every chapter is a book,
and every book is a Bible;
in which every twig is a branch,
and every branch is a tree,
and every tree is a forest,
in which every drop is a rivulet,
and every rivulet a river,
and every river a bay,
and every bay an ocean,
and every ocean all waters. “

Tertullian (160-220 AD), one of the Church Fathers


Congratulations on embarking on this course about Interpreting the Bible. We believe you will be richly rewarded as you learn and apply principles for understanding, interpreting and applying God’s inspired Word to your life.

Textbooks Required for this Course

The four textbooks used in the original course are:

  1. The King James (or Authorised) Version of the Bible. Other Bible translations are helpful but Kevin Conner does teach mainly from the King James Version. This translation is also used because of the number of study tools linked to it at the time this seminar was first recorded.
  2. Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance.
  3. New Englishman’s Greek and Hebrew Concordance.
  4. Methods and Principles of Bible Research by Kevin Conner. A downloadable PDF copy of this book is included with the purchase of this course. These are for your own private use or your small group. 

The first three books or tools are now available online or as part of most Bible programs for computer. Various FREE applications and internet links will be suggested throughout the course.

How to Get the Most out of this Course

Here are a few things to note before you watch the first video teaching session:

  • Watch each video session in this course in sequence and then complete the homework assignments before moving on to the next session.
  • Pause the video, if necessary, to take down notes or other additional material.
  • The front cover of the book Methods and Principles of Bible Research used in the video teaching is from an older version of the book. It has since been updated. The internal material is the same.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback about the course, please don’t hesitate to contact us as

The Challenge to Study

In this first teaching session Kevin Conner presents a challenge to study the Bible.

Download the PDF files below entitled ‘Foreword’ and ‘Textual Study on Luke 11:52’ which are handout notes or overhead presentations used for this session. You might want to print these files out or you can use them digitally on your computer.

You night also like to download and read the ‘Course Description and Requirements’ from the textbook Methods and Principles of Bible Research, though not essential.

Now watch the first teaching video below (45:42 in length).

The Challenge to Study


  1. Download the PDF file below which is Chapter One from the textbook Methods and Principles of Bible Research.
  2. Read the entire chapter (pages 3-5) and look up all of the Bible verses listed.
  3. Make your own observations as you read and reflect.