Studies in the Royal Priesthood

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An in-depth study of the royal priesthood and its relevance for believers today.

One of the great truths restored to the Church under the Reformation Period was “The Priesthood of ALL Believers.” Instead of having a priest-class, as had been seen over the centuries, the Lord recovered the truth, through the Reformers, that all believers – both men and woman – were called to the Priestly Ministry. One of the dangers today is that of “platform ministry” replacing the Priesthood of all believers. The Apostles – Peter, James and John- clearly show that the Aaronic Priesthood was abolished at the Cross and that the New Testament Church is a Priesthood after a new order: The Order of Melchizedek! That is, we are called to be “kings and priests unto God and His Christ.” Are you, as a believer, fulfilling your ministry? These studies are about how ALL believers may and should be functioning in this Divine order. Read! Be enlightened and be challenged to be what God has called you to be!

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