New Releases of Kevin Conner’s Books (September 2019)

The following books by Kevin Conner are now available in international paperback format.

Biblical Principles of Church Leadership

The topic of leadership is a popular one today. This book speaks directly and powerfully about this important subject. The authors are well-known, credible Christian leaders and speakers in our generation. In this book, they present clear biblical and practical insights about leadership which have been proven on the anvil of everyday experience.

The Church of the Firstborn

This textbook is a fascinating exploration of the ‘firstborn’ theme. Old and New Testament Scriptures are brought together in a way that gives fresh, exciting significance to the church. It will enable the reader to comprehend God’s purpose for a last day people who will display His glory and demonstrate His power in the earth.

Headship, Hats and Hair

This book is an excellent study in Corinthians 11:1-16 dealing with the controversial issue of the headship of man, coverings (hats) for the women, and hair-grooming of both men and women. Kevin Conner trusts that readers will receive ‘light’ and ‘truth’ which lead them in obedience to the will of God and joyful security in God’s dwelling place.

The Book of Deuteronomy

This new Old Testament commentary series contains outlines of Kevin’s personal Bible study notes, which will be an asset to any student of the sacred Scriptures.

We hope you enjoy these new editions of writings by Kevin Conner. Watch out for more new releases next month. If you purchase from Amazon or WORD, please be so kind as to write a positive review if you enjoyed the book. Thank you.

The Name of God

One of the first books that Kevin Conner wrote is “The Name of God”. It was first published in 1975 and has continued to sell due to its timeless truths and insights.

Throughout history, God has revealed Himself through many and various Names and Titles. Each of these have some distinctive feature about them. However, there is a Name which is above every Name, and this Name includes or comprehends in itself all the Names and Titles of God. It is the all-comprehensive Redemptive Name of God as revealed in the Triune Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. This volume endeavors to set forth the glory of the Triune Name of the Triune God.

In Proverbs 30:4, Agur asked this prophetic question concerning God, “What is His Name, and what is His Son’s Name, if you can tell?” This volume seeks to answer this question by presenting a unique approach to the Triune Name of the Eternal Godhead. Its insights are provocative especially in the area of the application of ‘The Name’ in Water Baptism.

Buy now:

  • Paperback edition published in Australia and available for purchase from WORD.
  • In international eBook format from Amazon for Kindle.
  • Paperback edition published in the USA and available for purchase from Amazon.

Be sure to also check out Kevin’s free audio podcast series on “The Redemptive Names of God”. Once fully released, it will be an 11-part series.

NEWSFLASH: The “Key of Knowledge” Seminar (Part 2) is Now Available Online.

The second part of Kevin Conner’s popular “Key of Knowledge” Seminar is now available as an online teaching course. While Part 1 covered Methods and Principles of Bible Research, Part 2 covers Interpreting the Bible and includes over 7 hours of video teaching, two downloadable textbooks, extra hand out notes, and a self guided online study program. These two courses can be taken as stand-alone courses, in succession, or simultaneously.

Visit the Interpreting the Bible course home page for all the details and take advantage of the special discount offer from now until 31st July 2019. 

If you have any questions or require any further information about this new course, please contact us via email at

NEWSFLASH: The “Key of Knowledge” Seminar (Part 1) is Now Available Online.

Kevin Conner’s popular “Key of Knowledge” Seminar is now available as an online teaching course. Part 1 covers ‘Methods and Principles of Bible Research’ and includes over 6 hours of video teaching, the required textbooks, extra hand out notes, and a self guided online study program.

Visit the course home page for all the details and take advantage of the special discount offer from now until 30th June 2019. The first lesson, ‘Challenge to Study’ is FREE.

If you have any questions or require any further information about this new course, please contact us at

Part 2 of the “Key of Knowledge” Seminar is about Interpreting the Bible and it is also available as an online video training course.

NEW Podcast Series on Kevin Conner’s Life and Ministry Journey

A new podcast series of Kevin Conner’s messages launches today entitled “Kevin Conner’s Life and Ministry Journey”. In this very personal – part series, Kevin shares about his own life, growing up as an orphan, and lessons he has learnt along the way from decades of life and ministry experience. Many people have read his books or heard him teach but very few know the inside story of his truly remarkable life.

These lessons and the details of Kevin’s life are explored more fully in his biography “This is My Story“.

Visit Kevin’s Podbean podcast web site to listen online now OR download the podcasts via Apple iTunes, Spotify, or Podbean (see Audios for further information). A new message will be released each Friday.

The Covenants

One of Kevin Conner’s master keys to understanding the Bible was his extensive study of the ‘covenants’.

Why did God create humans? What was His purpose for mankind? How is God redeeming humanity? These crucial questions are best answered through a study of the divine covenants. Perhaps better than any other subject, the covenants give us a biblical framework for our understanding of the administration of God’s dealings with mankind throughout all of human history. The covenants provide a necessary backdrop for the study of any other Bible subject. There are so many questions and controversies that can be solved with an understanding of the covenants that any student of the Word should place this subject as top priority on his or her Bible study list.

This textbook, co-written with Ken Malmin, provides an invaluable resource and study guide for both student and minister to use in studying the covenants. After a very important introductory chapter it is comprised of a systematic presentation of the nine divine covenants found in Scripture. Those who take the time to carefully study this book will be well on their way to discovering the secrets of truth hidden in “The Covenants”.

You can purchase this important textbook in Australia from WORD (currently only $4.99, significantly reduced from RRP of $22.99 AUS), from City Christian Publishing in the USA (currently $7.50, down from RRP of $14.99 USD), or internationally from Amazon, including a NEW Kindle eBook edition.

NEW Podcast: “Kevin Conner Teaches”

We are excited to announce a new podcast of Kevin Conner’s teaching messages. This podcast is available directly from Podbean (including on their mobile Apps) or from Apple’s iTunes(including all iTunes Apps) or from within Spotify (if you are a subscriber). It is not possible to publish podcasts on Google Play from Australia yet.

Every week or so a message will be published, selected from messages Kevin has given over the years at various churches, conferences, and training seminars.

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What Now for Kevin Conner’s Ministry?

Kevin Conner passed away recently, having lived 92 full years. He lived life to the full and impacted thousands of people through his teachings, writings, and personal encouragement. His legacy will not be forgotten but will continue to grow.

So what now?

Kevin’s Life

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to read Kevin’s auto-biography, This is My Story, which contains a detailed narrative of his life and ministry.

A second edition will be released shortly, with updates about the last few years of his life.

Kevin’s Books

Kevin’s many books will continue to help followers of Jesus, Christian leaders, and students of the Bible for years to come. Visit WORD or Amazon for a full list of his writings.

A number of unpublished works will be released over the coming year.

Kevin’s Teaching

A new podcast called “Kevin Conner Teaches” has recently been launched. Already there are 19 messages available, with many dozens more to come over the coming months.

There are also plans to re-launch his Key of Knowledge seminar online in the near future.

Support for Kevin’s Ministry

If you would like to make a financial contribution towards the ongoing spread of Kevin’s teachings, please visit the donation page for details.

Keep in Touch

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Nearing the End: A Poem

In November 2017, Kevin Conner went from another visit to the Knox Private hospital to the Victorian Rehabilitation Centre in Glen Waverley. After a few weeks there, he thought he would then go back home, but it was not to be. He needed permanent care so was moved to the Villa Maria Aged Care facility in Wantirna South on 5th December 2017.

This was hard for his wife, Rene, for the family, and for Kevin himself. He had grown up in homes and now he was in another home, cared for by others.

Kevin’s son, Mark Conner, took this photo of his dad in one of his first days at Villa Maria … then went home and wrote this poem.

Nothing to do.
Just waiting.
In a chair.

Can’t read.
Can hardly speak.
Only stare.
Just be there.

Wanting to stay.
Better to go?
It can be confusing.
Near the end.

No more achievements.
No more hills to climb.
No crowds now.
Only family and friends.

Out of the limelight.
Into the shadows.
An unknown face.
In an aged care home.

Life almost over.
What did it all mean?
Did his best.
For God and church.

Notes cast on the waters.
Spread far and wide.
Bread for the hungry.
Seed for the wise.

Followed the call.
Faithful to Him.
Stayed the course.
Finished the race.

Love is all we have.
Near the end.
Love is all we need.
At the end.

Celebrating the Life of Kevin Conner

Thank you to all of those who attended or watched the thanksgiving service for Kevin Conner today at CityLife Church in Melbourne, Australia.

You can watch a video of the service online at any time.

It is hard to summarise 92 years of a life well lived in a few minutes but here is the Eulogy of Kevin’s life, as read out by his daughter-in-law, Nicole Conner, at the service. See also, Mark’s poem which he wrote about his dad, Nearing the End as well as “What’s next for Kevin’s ministry?

The Early Years

Kevin John Conner made an entrance into this world at the Women’s Hospital in Carlton, Melbourne on the 6th of February 1927. We can only imagine how overwhelmed his 20-year-old, single mother, Joyce Miller, would have been. While the birth certificate listed the child’s name as ‘Kevin John’, his mother wrote her name as ‘Ruth Connor’, which was not her real name. These appear to be the actions of someone who was desperately trying to work out how to raise a child in the harsh depression years. She only managed a few months before he became a ward of the state. Kevin grew up as an orphan in multiple foster and children’s homes, including the Salvation Army Boys Home in Box Hill where he lived from ages of 8 to 14. He never met his mother or his father.

Later in life, he did discover he had a stepsister, Noeline, living in Tasmania, whom he contacted. Both Noeline and her husband Terry, were very warm towards him. From them he also found out that his mother would often wonder how he was doing. Sadly, she had passed away at this stage.

Kevin described himself as a somewhat dreamy, shy, and withdrawn boy. The environment and circumstances of these formative years left him feeling insecure and lonely, with many questions about his worth and identity.

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