Kevin Conner and Ken Malmin

Kevin Conner and Ken Malmin first met back in the 1970s when they taught together at Portland Bible College. They quickly became friends and formed a strong ‘father-son’ relationship. They team-taught many subjects throughout the years and went on to co-author several books. Initially, these books were used as textbooks for the College but over time they have helped people all around the world with their understanding of the Bible and God’s purposes.

The following books were co-authored by Kevin and Ken …

Interpreting the Scriptures – Recognizing that a person’s beliefs arise out of one’s interpretation of Scripture, the authors spent many months producing this comprehensive textbook on how to discover the meaning of Scripture.

The Covenants – This book is an invaluable resource, study guide, and systematic presentation of the nine Divine Covenants found in Scripture. The insights gleaned will assist the reader in knowing more about God’s purposes in both time and eternity.

Old and New Testament Survey – Gaining a good grasp of the Bible as a whole first requires an understanding of each book that makes up the Book. These two textbooks have been designed to help in this process of understanding the parts and relating them to the whole. These books present a patterned glimpse of each book in the Old and New Testaments along with additional helps in relating each book to the others. The fresh, outlined approach makes it easy to use.

We are thankful for the books Kevin and Ken wrote together and the impact they have had on so many people. Ken Malmin continues to serve as the Dean of Portland Bible College.

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Photo Below: Kevin Conner and Ken Malmin walking from class in Portland.

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