The Foundations of Christian Doctrine


In a decade of church growth and dynamic demonstration of the Holy Spirit’s work, God’s people still prize the security of a strong Bible foundation. “The Foundations of Christian Doctrine” provides one of the most relevant and clear presentations of the great doctrines of the faith. The text was written by Kevin J. Conner to provide an intermediate approach between the more in-depth doctrinal studies and the simplistic. Although originally designed to use in classroom instruction, it lends itself well to study, research and fascinating reading.

There is a Self Study Guide companion to the best-selling textbook. By reading the text and writing the answers, the student will find that their learning is greatly enriched.

NEWS: Newly released editions of the textbook and self study guide are now available for purchase in eBook format from Amazon.

Interpreting the Symbols and Types

Today’s Christian culture, like any other, has a language all its own. This language of Divine origin which God has woven throughout His book, reveals characteristics and shades of meaning that would be lost to the believer if he or she did not acquaint themselves with this terminology.

In this easy to use reference guide, Kevin Conner bridges the gap between richness of Scripture truth to Christians who need to understand the use of signs and symbols in God’s Word.

Kevin Conner’s insightful mind delves into the Bible on order to bring the reader to an understanding concerning the perplexing mysteries of the Word of God. His research enlightens any searching for the truth of God in this exhaustible study of the Symbols and Types.

This valuable resource is essential for all who desire to further study the Word of God.

NOW also available in eBook format from Amazon.

Kevin Conner’s Best-Selling Book on the Church in the New Testament now on Kindle

One of Kevin Conner’s highest selling books is his comprehensive study on The Church in the New Testament. This encyclopaedic reference work is designed to give a comprehensive biblical understanding of the universal and local New Testament Church. It has been published in numerous countries and languages. Now it is available in eBook form for your Kindle or other devices. Buy it now from

New Release – Commentary on the Book of Deuteronomy

Kevin Conner has already written many books on the Old Testament, including an in-depth exposition of The Book of Daniel. In his personal study, Kevin has completed a commentary on each of the 66 books of the Bible. Over time, we will be making these available to the public.

The newest edition to his Old Testament commentary series is on The Book of Deuteronomy and it is available in eBook form only via Kindle at Amazon (click link above).

Stayed tuned for more Kevin Conner commentaries coming your way.

Kevin Conner books now available on Kindle

A number of Kevin’s books are now available in eBook form for Kindle via This includes his autobiography This is My Story: With Lessons Along the Way and his best-selling book The Church in the New Testament. Visit his author page for other titles available on Kindle.

P.S. Kindle books can be read on any Kindle device as well as on all other platforms (including Windows and MAC OS) and devices (including phones) via the free Kindle APP.

Kevin Conner turns 90

Kevin Conner turned 90 today. His family planned a birthday party for him with about 55 people which went really well. In amongst the food and lively conversations, there was Salvation Army band music playing in the background and speeches from people from various parts of Kevin’s life, including Rene Conner (his wife), Josiah Conner (one of his grandchildren), George Forbes (a friend from the early days), Philip Baird (a neighbour from his days living in Blackburn South) and Hal Oxley (one of his first bosses and a friend in ministry and now 100 years of age). It was a good time overall.

Happy birthday, Kevin!