The Royal Seed

The Bible is a story of two seeds – the seed of the woman and the seed of the Serpent. These two seed lines weave their way from the book of Genesis right through to the book of Revelation. This grand narrative of redemption encompasses every generation, every people group, and every individual. Ultimately, the seed of the woman becomes the royal seed that finds its full expression in Jesus Christ and all those who are ‘in Christ’. 

In these previously unpublished notes, Kevin Conner unpacks the theme of the royal seed as seen through the numerous well-known individuals and stories of the Bible. Read and receive panoramic insight about the redemptive grand narrative that continues to unfold in our time. Be inspired to fulfil God’s purpose for you in your generation.

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This is the final book that Kevin Conner wrote before he passed away in February 2019. We are pleased to finally be able to publish this new book and make it available to everyone.