Book of Revelation – An Exposition

Kevin Conner counts this text, a verse by verse exposition of the book of Revelation, in a sense, as his ‘masterpiece,’ regardless of whether the views presented are accepted or not. He believes, and this with sound reason, that the Book of Revelation is one book composed of the 65 books preceding it, written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. He sees that the ‘rivers of Divine truth’ beginning in Genesis, flow through every book of the Bible into the ‘sea of fulfillment’ in the Book of Revelation. For those students of the Word, especially in the field of Eschatology, Kevin recommends: (1) The Seventy Weeks Prophecy (An Exposition of Daniel 9); (2) Interpreting the Book of Revelation (The Hermeneutics of Revelation); (3) The Book of Revelation (An Exposition); and (4) The Christian Millennium (A Study on Millennial views with a positive alternative). If you want to know what Kevin believes, why he believes it, and how he came to these conclusions, the texts listed provide the answers. These texts are not appropriate for ‘surface readers’ of the Bible. They are designed especially for those who are serious-minded students of the inexhaustible Word of God.