Methods and Principles of Biblical Research

Numerous students graduate from various Theological Colleges but many fail to have the necessary “keys” and “how to’s” for their own personal Bible Study.  This text teaches some of the major “Tools for Research” plus some of the major “Methods of Research”. They include Word, Character, Place, Textual, Topical, Passage and Book Studies. The book follows a two fold approach of “teaching they keys” (instruction) and “using the keys” (practical workshop by the student). Here the student finds the joy of discovery for themselves, each using and developing these methods according to their distinctive calling in God and in the Body of Christ.  The book is designed in such a way that a diligent student may set their own pace as they work through the text assignments.

This title is available from WORD Australia and from Amazon in paperback and eBook formats. It is also available as an immediate download in PDF format from the shop.

NOTE: This text, along with Interpreting the Scriptures, is designed for use in ‘The Key of Knowledge’ seminars authored and conducted by Kevin J. Conner. Both of these textbooks are included as a download upon enrolment in the online ‘Key of Knowledge’ video course.