The Book of Psalms – A Commentary

The Book of Psalms is primarily a neglected book when it comes to expositions or commentary on the same. But it is a most important book when it comes to New Testament quotations. For example, the Book of Hebrews is totally founded on this book as one discovers when it comes to studying Hebrews. Psalms is the national hymn book of Israel. It includes poetry, praise, prayer, history, contemplation, blessings and curses, as well as numerous other themes. It provided ‘keys’ to understanding the Tabernacle of Moses, of David, and Solomon’s Temple, as well as the Levitical system of sacrifice. Woven throughout the Psalms is much theology – the key to understanding the interpretation of the Psalms. It is a veritable gold-mine. This commentary sets out the Psalms in a systematic format so that anyone should be able to take any Psalm and present it in their own unique style with such a foundational approach. Read, be challenged, be blessed and enriched!

This  Old Testament commentary on the Book of Psalms contains many seed thoughts and insights. It will be of tremendous assistance to the serious Bible student, as well as the spiritual seeker whose heart is set on a pilgrimage of devotion and faith.

This title is available in an A4 size, ring folder format from WORD in Australia and as a downloadable PDF file from the shop. You can also order paperback and Kindle editions from Amazon USA.