The Feasts of Israel

A study of the three Feasts of the Lord in Israel. This book will be of great value to the student, the pastor, the teacher and the layman alike. It unlocks some of the greatest truths of God’s progressive dealings with His own people, both then and now.

The author believes that God, who inspired the scriptures by the Holy Spirit, has placed within them certain major keys. These keys when properly used, become interpretive keys which unlock the doors into the inexhaustible riches of God’s Word. These keys are an understanding of the Covenants, the Tabernacle of Moses, the Priesthood and the offerings, the Tabernacle of David along with the Temple of Solomon, and finally the Feasts of the Lord.

The Hebrew nation in its ecclesiastical and political life was governed by these things. The Hebrew mind became saturated with the external forms in which these spiritual concepts and truth were embodied. hence, the New Testament writers, in setting forth new Covenant truths, continually used Old Covenant economy language.

The New Testament is the fulfilment and unfolding of the Feasts of the Lord, as well as the other subjects mentioned here.

The author deals with both Mosaic and Post-Mosaic festivals. He also deals briefly with the modern Jewish Festivals and provides important spiritual lessons for the church today from these. He sets forth in this text the historical-typical and the historical-anti-typical fulfilment of such in Christ and His church. Than all is considered in their spiritual and experiential fulfilment in the believer’s life. The whole text is based on solid and systematic theology which is the only true and proper foundation for the interpretation of that which is typical. The student of the Word will find this text-book to be one of the great interpretive keys in unlocking this generally neglected area of the Scriptures.

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