Genesis, A Commentary

This new commentary on the book of Genesis contains previously unpublished notes by Kevin Conner, including transcripts of his many sermons on Genesis, in-depth character studies, numerous outlines, charts and diagrams, as well as insights and seed thoughts about the many themes, types, and symbols contained in the book of Genesis that unfold throughout the rest of the Old Testament and right through to the life of Jesus Christ and the church age. 

In the words of the apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 9:10, there is “seed for the sower” here – hundreds of pages of insights that can be expanded and developed by diligent students of God’s Word. There is also “bread for the eater” – a multitude of lessons and applications for each of our lives today.

Available as an immediate PDF download from the SHOP or from Amazon in paperback or Kindle eBook formats.

NOTE: Those living in Australia can order the paperback edition from Amazon Australia.