Foundations of Christian Doctrine (and Study Guide)

In a decade of Church growth and dynamic demonstration of the Holy Spirit’s work, God’s people still prize the security of a strong Bible foundation. This book provides one of the most relevant and clear presentations of the great doctrines of the faith in years. The text was written to provide an intermediate approach between the more in-depth doctrinal studies and the simplistic. Although originally designed to use in classroom instruction, it lends itself well to study, research and fascinating reading.

This best-selling textbook is available from WORD Australia and Amazon in paperback and eBook formats.

The Study Guide is a companion to the textbook, ‘The Foundations of Christian Doctrine’ and is designed to be used along with the same. There are several ways of learning: Lecture, Audio and Video Tapes and Note-taking. One of the best ways of learning is by reading accompanied by a Self Study Guide. The word ‘catechism’ has the meaning of ‘oral instruction with correcting the answers’. It is a proven method of learning. The student does not have to ‘make up’ the answers to the questions, but, by a careful reading of the text, answers will be discovered for the Study Guide. By reading the text and writing the answers, the student will find learning is greatly enriched.

The study guide is available form WORD Australia and from Amazon in paperback and eBook formats.