FREE Audio Teaching from Kevin Conner

Kevin Conner’s FREE audio teaching podcast, Kevin Conner Teaches, continues to be a blessing to thousands of people all around the world (we’ve had over 45,000 downloads from the Podbean APP alone).

Recent podcast topics have included:

  • Welcome to the End (5 episodes).
  • The Book of Ezekiel (11 episodes).
  • Foundations of Christian Doctrine (8 episodes).
  • The Book of Zechariah (10 episodes).
  • In Adam or In Christ (4 episodes).

This audio teaching is available directly from Kevin’s Podbean website (as well as on all Podbean APPS) or from other podcast providers such as Apple Music Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Click on an icon below to listen now.

We pray that you enjoy Kevin’s inspired, biblical and timeless teaching … and be sure to let others know about it too.

Here is the complete list of other teaching sessions since the commencement of the podcast:

  • “The Disciplines of My Life” (single message).
  • “Pressing through Philippians” (6 episodes).
  • “Gems from Genesis” (13 episodes).
  • “Kevin’s Life and Ministry Journey” (8 episodes). 
  • “Redemptive Names of God” (11 episodes). 
  • “Apocalyptic Events” (8 episodes). 
  • “The Grace of God” (single message).
  • “The Two Kingdoms” (single message). 
  • “The Church and the Kingdom” (single message). 
  • “The Shekinah Glory Star” (single message). 
  • “Israel’s Kings” (11 episodes).
  • “Pearls from Peter” (8 episodes).
  • “Seeds from Psalms” (8 part series).

10 thoughts on “FREE Audio Teaching from Kevin Conner”

  1. Dominic Mwambi

    These podcast have been a tremendeous blessing to me here in Kenya East Africa.God bless you very much!!!!

  2. I appreciate these teachings been made available free to the body of Christ Many years ago I heard Bro Conner speak in person At Portland Oregon
    I am blessed by these teachings

    Desmond Watt N Ireland

  3. I want to thank you for continuing to make Kevin’s ministry available through the Podcasts. Personally over the last year these have transformed my life and driven me back into God’s Word with an incredible desire to see God revive and restore again the truths of redemption and the end time message of preparation.
    I was saved and established in these truths and had most of Kevin’s books, but sadly strayed from the Lord for a time, but God in His grace restored me.
    I have been listening to these Podcasts daily as I drive and they have helped restore the lost years. It is amazing how God revives His Word within us.
    Thankyou again – these are essential teachings for the Church today

  4. I am currently studying The Feasts of Israel; what a rich and thorough study! It is so evident that Kevin heard the voice of the Holy Spirit in writing and researching this beautiful book. It has opened up the Word to me in a whole new way and has given me truth to share with others. Blessings to you all.

  5. I am so blessed by being able to hear Kevin’s teaching again. His ministry was a wonderful blessing to many people around the globe. I wish you God’s greatest blessing in continuing this amazing ministry.
    Love and blessings from Brisbane

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