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When Kevin Conner was alive, one of the things he loved to do was answer questions. Of course, because of his decades of extensive study of the Bible and Christian themes, people with questions were always around. In fact, for many years, Kevin visited the small groups in his local church one by one spending the evening answering the myriad of questions asked on a wide variety of topics.

As a result of this, in 2018, Kevin put together a book with answers to the most frequently asked questions he received. In this book, he addresses the main questions that he has been asked over 50 years of church leadership and ministry. Topics include heaven, hell, theology, Scripture, marriage, sexuality, ethics, baptism, end times, the Holy Spirit, prayer, predestination, satan and demons, sickness and healing, sin, the Trinity, creation, and more. This is an excellent resource for Christians and church ministers alike.

This title is available from Amazon in paperback or eBook formats (visit Amazon in your region).

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