What About … Israel?

I am sure we are all concerned by the escalating conflict currently taking place between Israel and Palestine, as well as the loss of lives, including children. War is a tragedy and causes so much pain and trauma. May we continue to pray for peace to prevail.

Kevin Conner had a particular interest in Israel and God’s plans and purpose for this people group, both historically and in our time. This is a sensitive topic and he always sought to handle it with both grace and truth.

Today’s audio podcast commences an 8-part series called “What about …?” Sessions will be released each week during that time. Topics to be covered include:

  1. What about the End Times?
  2. What in the World is going on?
  3. What about Jerusalem?
  4. What about the Nation of Israel?
  5. What about the Middle East?
  6. What about modern-day Babylon (Iraq?) and Persia (Iran)
  7. What about the Cup being given to the Nations?
  8. What about God’s Judgments in the Earth?
  9. What about the Olivet Discourse & Prophecies of Jesus?
  10. What about the consummation of the Kingdom Parables?

NOTE: A copy of the handout notes for this series can be downloaded for FREE as a PDF document or WORD document.

Also, the material from this teaching is covered extensively in three particular books by Kevin Conner:

Although given well over a decade ago, we hope that this timely teaching will assist you in navigating these current times with faith and wisdom.

2 thoughts on “What About … Israel?”

  1. I really wish to have Kevin’s view and opinion on these middle eastern problems and hope for some understanding.

    1. We hope his booklet on ‘What about Israel?’ and his current audio teaching podcast is helpful to you. Thanks Beverley.

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