Jesus’ Teaching about the ‘End Times’ through Parables

Jesus was a master teacher who captured people’s attention and changed their thinking through what he taught. As a creative communicator, he never taught without an illustration or a story. Many of his stories are in the form of parables. These parables contain insights and truth about God, life, the kingdom, and the end times.

This month, Kevin Conner’s audio teaching podcast features a previously unreleased series on ‘Parables of the End Times’ which Kevin taught in Malaysia back in 2007. It is a 7-part series and, as you will find, Kevin’s teaching is informative and timeless.

To coincide with this teaching series, we are offering 50% off the PDF of Kevin’s best-selling book Mystery Parables of the Kingdom, which is available as an immediate download from the SHOP for use on your computer and/or devices.

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