Kevin Conner’s Autobiography – “This is My Story”

Kevin Conner is known by many people around the world as a theologian, Bible teacher, and best-selling author of over 60 biblical textbooks. Although thousands of people have been impacted by his ministry and his writings, only a few people know his personal story. Kevin took the time to detail his own life journey, including lessons gleaned along the way, in his auto-biography “This is My Story” back in 2007. It is now available in three formats:

Kevin was an orphan who never met his dad or mum. He grew up in boy’s homes before coming to faith in Jesus Christ in the Salvation Army in his teenage years. From there, his life took many turns as he continued to pursue his faith in God and his understanding of the Scriptures and church life. Follow his journey and gain wisdom for your own life and ministry as you read his intriguing life-story.  

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