Print Editions of Kevin Conner’s Books for Australasians

Good afternoon from Melbourne, Australia where we are about to finish 2 weeks of Lockdown 4.0. Wherever you are, we trust you are well and enjoying God’s favour on your life and ministry.

We thought you would be interested in some recent good news regarding Kevin Conner’s books …

The vast majority of Kevin’s books are available in paperback or hardback format from WORD Books based in Melbourne, Australia (visit their online store). They ship to Australia and New Zealand, as well as to most other countries.

There are a number of Kevin’s books that WORD does not carry. Up until this time, these have only been available via Amazon USA, which requires additional shipping costs for those living in Australasia. The good news is that these titles are now available in print format from Amazon Australia via their recently launched ‘print-on-demand’ service.

Here are the paperback titles by Kevin Conner that you can now order locally in Australia (and that WORD does not stock). Many of these books have been published for the first time in the last year or so (noted below as ‘NEW’):

NOTE that most other paperback titles by Kevin Conner can be purchased at a lower price from WORD Books in comparison to Amazon Australia.

Enjoy your reading and thanks for passing on the news to others who may be interested!

P.S. Please visit the new HELP section of the website for answers to frequently asked questions.

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