An Update on Books by Kevin Conner (September 2020)

A number of Kevin Conner’s books, previously only available in Australia, are now able to be ordered in paperback format directly from Amazon USA (and other Amazon regions). This includes:

This also includes Richard Holland’s book on End Time Events and these new releases of Kevin Conner’s previously unpublished notes:

Most of the Kindle versions for the above-mentioned books (as well as The Church in the New Testament, Foundations of Christian Doctrine, and Interpreting the Symbols and Types) have also been updated with a new hyperlinked table of contents and improved formatting. If you have already purchased the Kindle version of any of these books you can uploaded the new version for free from your account. Please note that all Kindle books by Kevin Conner are released in ‘Print Replica’ format, a format which helps best maintain the author’s frequent use of diagrams, charts and roman numeral outlining. However, font type and size cannot be edited.

Finally, it’s not too late to take advantage of the current SPRING Sale of all of Kevin’s books in downloadable PDF format from the SHOP. Please note, these are digital, not paperback, books. Upon payment, via credit card or Paypal, you will receive a receipt with links for you to download the books you have ordered to your own computer.

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