An Update on Resources by Kevin Conner (November 2020)

It’s hard to believe it is only 5 weeks till Christmas and before we know it a new year will begin. Over these last few months, we have continued to invest time and effort into seeing more of Kevin Conner’s resources available right around the world. Here is an update:


The following paperback books by Kevin Conner were formerly only available in Australia but are now able to be ordered from Amazon (both in the USA and their other regions). Also, many of the Kindle versions have been updated with new covers and a hyperlinked table of contents (if you have previously purchased a Kindle book you can download the update for free via your Kindle account).

Teaching Podcast

Kevin’s free teaching podcast continues to be a blessing to many thousands of people around the world.

An 11-part teaching series on the book of Ezekiel has recently been released to coincide with Kevin’s newly released book on this intriguing Old Testament prophet.

Online Video Courses

The following video courses have been made available this year:

That’s all for now. Subscribe (on the right side panel of the web site) for updates about more new releases in the future. God bless you in your life and ministry.

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