NEW Releases for August from Kevin Conner

In the last few weeks, a number of new releases of Kevin Conner’s books are now available via Amazon.

  • “Keep Yourself Pure” (NEW). Back in the first century, the apostle Paul wrote to his young protege Timothy and said, “Keep yourself pure!” This purity was spiritual, moral and physical. Timothy becomes an example for all believers, young and old, and especially Christian leaders. In this timely booklet, Kevin Conner explains what purity means and gives practical steps for living a life pleasing to the Lord and as a positive witness to a watching world. Available in eBook or international paperback.
  • “Two Kings and a Prince: A Character Study of the Lives of Saul, David and Jonathan” (NEW). These messages were presented by Kevin Conner at the Ministers’ Fellowship International (MFI) regional conferences in Australia in 2010. From “Two Kings and a Prince”, as leaders, we may learn what NOT to do and WHAT to do, in order to serve our generation by the will of God. Available in eBook or international paperback.
  • “What about Israel?” In this important booklet, Kevin Conner looks at the hot topic of ‘Israel’ and how this nation fits into God’s purposes as outlined in the Bible. Weaving together insights from both the Old and New Covenants, a much needed clear picture is presented, which is especially relevant in the midst of the current confusion about Israel, especially amongst Christians. Now available in international paperback as well as eBook.
  • “Maintaining the Presence”. One of the great themes of the Bible is “The Presence”. Without maintaining an awareness of the Presence of God, the life of the Christian and of the Church can become an empty and lifeless form. In this important booklet, Kevin Conner unpacks the Scriptures on this topic and highlights a number of practical ways that God’s Presence can be more real in our lives. Now available in international paperback as well as eBook.
  • “First Principles of the Doctrine of Christ.” All followers of Jesus Christ need to have a strong foundation of faith strongly, firmly and soundly laid. Hebrews 6:1-2 clearly outlines these first principles of the doctrine of Christ. Understanding these matters is vital for all Christians and especially for new believers in Christ. Only then can we receive the permit from Christ to go on to maturity and further teaching from him who is the Builder of his House. In this book, Kevin Conner provides an in-depth teaching of the basic doctrines of Christ in a systematic and practical way. Now available in eBook form.
  • “Restoration Theology”. The Early Church was birthed in a blaze of glory and truth. History shows the tragic decline from that glory into what has been called ‘The Dark Ages of Church History’. However, since the period of the Reformation, God has been moving by his Spirit to restore the Church to its early glory and greater and to recover the truths that have been lost. This book presents a powerful explanation of Restoration Theology. Now available in eBook form.
  • “Three Days and Nights” (with Passion Week Chart). What did Christ mean when He said He would be ‘three days and three nights in the heart of the earth’ and so fulfill the type of Jonah. How then can this statement be reconciled with the traditional ‘Good Friday’ which crept into the Church centuries ago? This booklet sets out clearly the answers to these questions. Includes a detailed chart. Now available in international paperback and eBook formats.

More to come. Enjoy these in the meantime.

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