NEWSFLASH: The “Key of Knowledge” Seminar (Part 1) is Now Available Online.

Kevin Conner’s popular “Key of Knowledge” Seminar is now available as an online teaching course. Part 1 covers ‘Methods and Principles of Bible Research’ and includes over 6 hours of video teaching, the required textbooks, extra hand out notes, and a self guided online study program.

Visit the course home page for all the details and take advantage of the special discount offer from now until 30th June 2019. The first lesson, ‘Challenge to Study’ is FREE.

If you have any questions or require any further information about this new course, please contact us at

Part 2 of the “Key of Knowledge” Seminar is about Interpreting the Bible and it is also available as an online video training course.

2 thoughts on “NEWSFLASH: The “Key of Knowledge” Seminar (Part 1) is Now Available Online.”

  1. Thank God Almighty what I am longing for years now being answered. I am teaching Revelation in class two in Bible Shool in Cianjur and took the lessons from teaching of Pastor WH Ofler and from Revelation teaching by Kevin as a present from my daughter Helga who learned in Portland Bible College, USA. So I’m a Bible nut. So be it, praise th Lamb of God forever more.

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