Understanding Jesus’ Parables

Kevin Conner’s teaching podcast is currently featuring a series of messages that he gave on the parables of Jesus. These parables contain many important insights about God and his work in the world. Yet they are often difficult to understand. Kevin has a unique ability to unpack their deeper meaning and apply them to our lives today. 

To coincide with this podcast teaching series, we are offering 50% off the downloadable PDF download from the shop of Kevin’s best-selling book, Mystery Parables of the Kingdom, for the months of July and August 2023. 

The parables of Jesus are a unique way of communicating divine truth and are seen throughout the New Testament as a critical part of Christ’s teachings. Kevin’s excellent teaching contains sound interpretation and exposition of the various parables and presents their importance in every Christian’s life.

This book is also available in paperback format from WORD Australia and in paperback, hardcover, and eBook formats from Amazon in your region (Amazon United Kingdom for example).

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