The Book of Ruth, a NEW Commentary by Kevin Conner

The well-loved story of Ruth tells how an Israelite family welcomes a foreign Moabite as their daughter-in-law. Ruth is presented as a model of faithfulness, courage, and cleverness. Traditionally, this is believed to have taken place during the time of the Judges. Ruth eventually becomes a mother in Israel and King David comes from her lineage (Ruth 4:17b, 18–20. Matthew 1:5).

In these previously unpublished notes, we glean from Kevin Conner’s reflections and insights about this unique book, including his thoughts about how this ancient story of Ruth and Boaz is typical of Christ and his church.

This newly released Old Testament commentary is available as an immediate PDF download from the SHOP, or in paperback and eBook formats from Amazon in the USA, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Germany.

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