Bible Commentaries by Kevin Conner

This year we have continued to release previously unpublished notes on various books of the Bible by Kevin Conner. Kevin loved the Bible and studied it extensively throughout his life and ministry. His notes continue to provide ‘bread for the eater’ and ‘seed for the sower’ (2 Corinthians 9:10). You will find food for your soul but also many seed thoughts and ideas that can be further developed into helpful truths and insights about God and his purposes for you, the church, and God’s world.

Kevin loved the King James Version of the Bible and that is the translation used for his commentaries. He also loved his Thompson Chain Reference Bible from which he often refers to word definitions and comments in the ‘margin’, as well as various biblical themes and topics. In addition, he frequently quotes from the Amplified New Testament published by Zondervan in 1965. Both the King James Version and the Amplified Version of the Bible can be accessed for FREE at

We pray that these newly released commentaries will be a blessing to you, in your personal life, and your ministry to others. 

Here is a complete list of Bible commentaries by Kevin Conner, with a note as to which ones have been published since he passed away in February 2019. Click on each link to discover more about each book, including information about where to acquire the book in your area.

God bless you over the Christmas and holiday season!

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