Books by Kevin Conner

Books written by Kevin Conner can be purchased from WORD Australia or from Amazon (in Kindle eBook format and paperback). Amazon’s main site is in the USA but they also have a number of other regional sites. Check out where the nearest one is to your location. Alternatively, if you live in the USA, you may want to visit the City Christian Publishing (USA) website, as they distribute a number of Kevin’s best-selling books.

Also, be sure to visit the new SHOP page on this web site where you can purchase PDF versions of many of Kevin’s book titles.

Please note that different editions of each book may have different cover artwork but the content is the same unless indicated otherwise.

Books Arranged by Category

Bible Topics, Themes, and Interpretation

Bible Research

Commentaries on Books of the Bible

Christian Living

Christian Counselling

Church Life

Eschatology or ‘End Times’


Alphabetical List of Books