Books by Kevin

Books written by Kevin Conner can be purchased from Word Australia.
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–        A Scriptural Thesis on Water Baptism

–        Biblical Principles of Leadership

–        Book of Daniel, an Exposition

–        Book of Hebrews

–        Book of Revelation- An Exposition

–        Epistle of Jude

–        Foundational Principles of Church Membership

–        Foundations of Christian Doctrine (& Study Guide)

–        Headship, Covering (Hats) & Hair

–        Interpreting the Book of Revelation

–        Interpreting the Scriptures and Study Guide

–        Interpreting the Symbol & Types

–        Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage

–        Messages from Matthew

–        Methods & Principles of Bible Research

–        Ministry Team (Ministries in the Cluster)

–        Ministry of Women

–        Mystery Parables of the Kingdom

–        New Covenant Realities

–        New Testament Survey/ Old Testament Survey

–        Only for Catholics who believe, love and serve our Lord Jesus Christ

–        Restoration Theology

–        Table Talks

–        The Book of Acts

–        The Christian Millennium

–        The Church in the New Testament

–        Law and Grace

–        The Church of the Firstborn and the Birthright

–        The Covenants

–        The Death-Resurrection Route

–        The Epistle to the Romans

–        The Feasts of Israel

–        The First Principles of the Doctrine of Christ

–        The House of God which is the Church

–        The Kingdom Cult of Self

–        The Name of God

–        The Passion Week Chart

–        The Relevance of the Old Testament to a New Testament Church

–        The Seventy Weeks Prophecy

–        The Tabernacle of David

–        The Tabernacle of Moses

–        The Temple of Solomon

–        This is My Story (with Lessons I’ve Learnt Along the Way)

–        The Three Days & Three Nights

–        The Vision of an Antioch Church

–        This We Believe

–        Tithes and Offerings

–        To Drink or Not to Drink

–        To Smoke or Not to Smoke

–        Today’s Prophets

–        Understanding & Distinguishing the New Birth & the Baptism of the Holy Spirit